Irish-American Family Histories I - M

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Irish-American Family Histories I - M

* IGO: Igo; An Irish Family History and Genealogy
   Patrick Igo, b.  Ireland, 1837; naturalised 1856; lived in Schulylkill County, Pennsylvania
   By Joe Igo (USA, microfilmed 2001) - FHB

The Iretons of Ireland 1600 - 1900 - Vol 1 - Vol 2
      Origins; Genealogies from various Irish Counties; in U.S. from unknown Ireland County; in Australia from unkown Ireland County; in Canada from unknown Ireland County; addresses of known Iretons; computerised output
     By LaRoux King GillespieHelen Geraldine Hughes (Kansas City, Missouri, 1989) - FHB - List of other books by these authors include: 'The Iretons of Kansas and Oklahoma', 'Ireton, Oklahoma: Forgotton Pioneer Town', etc.


   - The Irvines and their Kin
     Surnames in Ireland: Irvine, McDowell, Wylie, Gault. Includes Irwin, Irving
     Places in Ireland: Glenco; Cushendal; Castle Irvine, Irvinestown
     Compiled and edited by Mrs. L. Boyd (Louisville, Kentucky, 1898) - OL - Read a review of this book from 'The Grafton Magazine', Vol I 1908 - 1909 
   - The Irvines - Sketch of Rev. Robert Orr Irvine
     of Saintfield, Co. Down and Georgia; extract from 'Family Records of Theodore Parsons Hall...' (Chapter VI); also Scott and Gordon Scotch-Irish families (Chapter VII); Askins, Scotch-Irish (Chapter IX)
     By Theodore Parsons Hall (Detroit, Michigan, 1892) - FHB


   - The Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States of America
     Notes on Families Related
     By Charles P. Keith (Philadelphia, 1893) - OL
   - The Irwin Family
     Francis Erwin b. Ireland or North Carolina, 1734
     By Jeanette Kathleen Biggers Daniels (Salt Lake City, 2010) - FHB
   - Irwin Family Genealogy - From County Tyrone to Logan County, Illinois
     George C. Irwin son of John Irwin and Susannah Crawford b. 1859 emigrated to USA in 1884; Charles Irwin emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1835
     By George D. Irwin (Middletown, Delaware, 2011) - FHB


   - The Family History of Michael Jackson, Emigrant from Ireland
     Citizen of Hartford County, Connecticut, his descendants, and collateral families
     By Horace Mortimer Jackson (Kansas City, Missouri, 1909) - FHB
   - A Memorial of Julius C. Jackson and his Wife Harriet Jackson
   By Clayton Keith (Ohio County, Kentucky? bef.1919?) - FHB

* JAMES: A Welch Family History

   By Charlotte McCoy Sullivan (Texas? 2009?) - FHB

* JEFFERS: Wilson John Jeffers family through the years 1836 - 1902

   b. Castebier (Castlebar?), Co. Mayo; emigrated 1844; settled in New York
   By Stanley H. Jeffers (Decorah, Iowa 2001) - FHB

* JELLETT: Records of the Jellett Family
    Ireland and Philadelphia
    Collected by Edmund C. Jellett (partly handwritten, Philadelphia, 1900) - FHB

* JENNINGS: The Jennings Families 1800 - 1985: West Cork to New Worlds
   John Jennings b. 1843 son of George and Rebecca Jennings of Toughbaun; emigrated to USA 1888; other children George, Richard, Edward, Hester to New Zealand 1876 - 1910;Jennings families in Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand
   By Gregg N. Jennings (Columbus, Georgia? 1985) - FHB Warning! Large File!

* JIPSON, JEPSON, GIPSON: A Genealogy of the Jipson, Jepson, Gipson Family of Maine

   the descendants of William Jepson (ca 1695 - 1723) of Moywater, Co. Mayo
   By Alan H. Hawkins (South Portland, Maine, 1991) - FHB


   - From Village to Village: Ancestries of the Dull and Johnson Families of Van Wert County, Ohio
     Robert Johnson of Coolboy, Co. Wicklow, m. Margaret Braithwaite of Ballynacarrig, Co. Wicklow (Quakers)
     By Colleen McConnell Eagan (Wyandotte, Oklahoma, 2004) - FHB
   - Elias and Anna Lomas Lineage
     Includes Gibbons, O'Sullivan
     By Allen Raymond Streeter; Doris Mae Loomas Streeter (Saginaw, Michigan, 1988) - FHB
   - The Johnson Family History
     and Descendancy Charts of the Williams - Wells - Carr Families as Related To The Johnson Family; Thomas Johnson emigrated to Virginia
     By Janie Johnson White (1968 - 1976) - FHB
   - The Johnston Journey
     Thomas Johnston mar. Sarah Stephenson, emigrated from Fermanagh to Varna, Ontario; descendants in Canada and USA
     By Bernice Elizabeth (Smeltzer) Prevost (Regina, Saskatchewan, 1985) - FHB

* JONES: Thomas Jones, Fort Neck, Queens Co. Long Island 1695

   and his descendants the Floyd-Jones family; Major Thomas Jones immigrated from Straubane (Strabane), Co. Tyrone 1692
   By Thomas Floyd-Jones (New York, 1906) - FHB

* JORDAN: The Thomas Jordan Family 1766 - 1993

   emigrated from Ireland; settled in Mifflin County Pennsylvania
   By Elizabeth Jordan Miller (Ashland, Ohio, late 20th Century?) - FHB

* JUSTICE: Genealogy of the Justice Family
   Matthew Justice emigrated from Ireland to Holland  bet. 1690 and 1700 and later to the United States
   By De Witt C. Justice (Logansport, Indiana, 1901) - FHB


* KANE: A letter from Mrs. Thomas Morris to her Nephew the Hon. Judge John J. Kane
   regarding the Kane and Kent families. Correspondence. Missing title page
   By Mrs. Thomas Morris (New York, 1889) - OL


   - Ambrose Kasson his Ancestors and Descendants
     born in 1681 in Ireland, married Jane Hall. They emigrated from Belfast 1722
     By Gabriel H. Parkhurst (Bath, N.Y., 1899) - FHB
   - Genealogy of a Part of the Kasson Family in the USA and Ireland
     Adam and Jane (Hall) Kasson emigrated from Belfast, 1722 and landed in Boston, Massachusetts
     By George M. Kasson (Woodbury, Connecticut, 1882) - FHB

* KAVANAUGH: The Ancient House of Kavanaugh
   As represented in Ireland, England, France, Prussia and America
   By Anna T. Poynter Kavanaugh (USA, 1908) - OL

* KAVENAUGH: History and Genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, etc
   Surnames in Ireland: KavenaughMiller, Woods, Wallace, Lapsley
    Places in Ireland: Antrim, Dublin, Monasterevin, Castle Dunshanglin (Dunshaughlin?)
   By W. H. Miller (USA. 1907) - OL

* KEATING: John Keating and his Forbears

   ancestors emigrated firstly to France then to America; includes genealogical table drawn in 1767 for Valentini Keating de Baybush in Comitatu Limericensi by William Hawkins, Ulster King
   By J. Percy Keating, Esq. (reprint from American Catholic Historical Society, 1918) - OL - John Keating (soldier, land developer) in: Wikipedia

* KEENAN: The Adjala Connection
   John Keenan of Aughaloo, Co. Tyrone and his wife Eleanor Montague settled Simcoe County, Ontario; he d. 1866; descendants in Ontario, Michigan
   By John Reilly Keenan (Nobleton, Ontario, 1992) - FHB

* KELLS: Kells Family History

   Kells of Ireland, descendants in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
   By Robert A. Kells, D.D., Edward W. Kells (New Jersey, New York, 1934) - FHB


   - A Family History - The Kellys and the Egans
     originally from Fuerty, Co. Roscommon
     By Patricia J. Zervic (USA, late 20th century) - Website
   - Family Monographs - The History of 24 Families in Middle West Side of New York City
   Adam Kelly, b. Formanagh (Fermanagh) County, abt. 1805; m. Mary Elizabeth O'Flaherty.,dau. of Hugh Vincent O'Flaherty and Mary Elizabeth Hines 
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL
   - Genealogical Account of the Ancestors in America of Joseph Andrew Kelly Campbell                     By Joseph Andrew Campbell (Privately printed, 150 copies, Philadelphia, 1921) - OL
     and his descendants; James may have come from Londonderry, Ireland
     By Raymond Martin Bell (Washington, Pennsylvania, 1957) - FHB
   - The Kelly Clan
      By Richmond Kelly, M.D. (Portland, Oregon, 1901) - OL

* KELSEY: Descendants of John Kelsey of Harvard and Shirley, Massachusetts

   b. near Londonderry, North of Ireland
   By Joel Wilder Kelsey (USA, early 20th Century?) - FHB

* KELTY: Descendants of Arthur Cle(e)land and Eleanor McMillan and Thomas J Kelty and Ellen Cleland

   1770's Ireland to Pennsylvania
   By Mirian Reyburn-Steele (Sea Island, Georgia, 2006) - FHB

* KENADY: Kenady Family History

   A Scotch-Irish family
   By Mary Ann Kenady Schatz (Los Altos, California, 2000) - FHB - WARNING! - Very large file!

* KENAN, KENNAN: Genealogy of the Kennan Family

   Thomas Kenan mar. Elizabeth Johnstone; came from Londonderry, landed Wilmington, North Carolina in 1720 
   By Thomas Lathrop Kennan (Milwaukee, 1907) - OL

     of Doon Co. Limerick, later in the United States
     By Margaret Kennedy, Mary Ellen Kennedy Monahan, Maureen Cherwin (Mar 2009) - FHB
   - Chance Encounters
     The Kennedy Line - Charles Kennedy born 1778 County Derry or Donegal
     By Forrester L. KennedyRuth Coman, M.A., M.S. (USA, 2005) - FHB
   - History of the Descendants of William Kennedy and... Marian Henderson
     From 1730 to 1880, carried down by numbers
     Compiled by Elias Davidson Kennedy (Philadelphia, 1881) - OL
   - See Carey


   - Israel Kenny, his Children and their Families
     Israel Kenny, later Kenney, blacksmith, b. Belfast, settled at Maugerville, Mass. abt. 1770. Drowned Oromocto, N.B. abt 1795. Descendants in USA and Canada
     By Edwin Wallace Bell (USA, 1944) - FHB

* KENT: Thomas Kent 1748 - 1835 and his Descendants
   b. County Derry, Ireland
   By Boris Bankes Kent (Baltimore, Maryland, 1995) - FHB


   - Notes on the Descendants of John Kernan of Ned, County Cavan
     near Killeshandra, bur. Thorn Hill, Longford; and of Jane Brady his wife who came to America 1804 with 4 youngest dau. and son; descendants in USA, Brazil and elsewhere
     By John Devereux Kernan (Englewood, New Jersey, 1949) - FHB
   - Supplement to 'The Utica Kernans'
     descendants of Bryan Kernan of Ned, parish of Killeshandra, Co. Cavan
     By Linda Mary Pauline Hill (Nyack, 1993) - FHB

* KERR, LITTLE, WALKER: The Filgate Families in America

   some related Irish families
   By Everette J. Filgate; Nancy Ann Filgate (Sun City West, Arizona, 2004) - FHB

   - Kershaw of South Carolina, USA in: O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol II

* KERWIN: Family Genealogy
   By Publius B. Lawson, L.L.B. (Menasha, Wisconsin, 1903) - OL - Read the 'Book Notice' of this book in the New Hampshire Genealogical Record Vol II 1904 - 1905

* KEYS: Genealogy Robert Keyes also Others of the Name
   Others: Roger Keys and wife Sarah Adair settled in Virginia, 1730; James Keys from North of Ireland abt 1750, settled in Chester Co., Pennsylvania, m. Mary, dau of James Bayley from same; Hugh Keys of Armagh
   By Asa Keyes (Brattleboro, Vermont, 1880) - OL

* KILLOUGH: The Killough Family
   in Ireland, Canada and the United States. In 1718 John and Robert Killough boarded a ship at Belfast for Boston
   By Zora (Killough) Cunningham (Chelsea, Michigan, 1991) - FHB

Kincaid Genealogy
   A Scots-Irish family
   By G. L. Kincaid (Sardinia, Ohio, 1922) IA


   - The Book of Kings
     The King family's Contribution to the History of Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia; Colonel James King, b. Londonderry, Ireland, 1752; emigrated to Virginia, 1769
     By V. N. (Bud) Phillips (Johnson City, Tennessee, 1999) - FHB
   - John and Jean King of County Tyrone
     with some of their descendants in America; Scotch-Irish family; John King b. Dungannon, Co. Tyrone Ireland, 1672 and d. Tyrone Township, Adams, Pennsylvania, 1747
     By William W. Brewer (Wichita, Kansas, 1997) - FHB
   - Toner - McBride - King - O'Dowd - Horton - McGough 1795 to 2000
     Ireland Minnesota and Beyond; All immigrated from Ireland
     By Margo Horton-Davis (Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2000) - FHB

* KINSELLA: Kinsella - The Irish Connection
   Elizabeth Kinsley (Kinsella) of Co. Wexford emigrated to St. Louis; some family remained in Ireland; descendants in Ireland, USA; mention of Bushe, Kennedy
   By Peter E. DesJardins; Dorothy Hays DesJardins (USA, 1984) - FHB


   - Descendants of James Kirk 1779 - 1865
     Of Londonderry, Ireland and United States
     By Merna Wallace McClenathen (USA, 2008) - FHB
   - The Kirk Antecedents
     Roger Kirk (Quaker) settled in Lurgan, Co. Armagh. His son Alphonsus migrated to America in 1688, arrived in Center Township, Newcastle County, Pennsylvania. Extract from 'Howard and Edith Holloway'
     By Lois Barton (USA, revised 1994) - FHB
   - The Kirk Family
     Extract from 'Our Family Ancestors'; Robert, Roger, and Timothy all removed to Ireland 1631; descendants in Delaware, Pennsylvania
     By Thomas Maxwell Potts (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, 1895) - OL

   - Kyles of Rockingham County
     extract from Ancestral Lines from Maine to Virginia; John Kyle, b. Brackey, Co. Tyrone; see also Crawford
     By Carl Boyer 3rd (Santa Clarita, California, 2002) - Borrow this eBook from OL
   - William and Leticia Kyle Thompson - Book 1 - Book 2 - Book 3
     William Thompson b. abt. 1797; mar. Leticia Kyle abt. 1826; 12 children; emigrated 1848, settled in Pickaway County, Ohio. Includes Dobbin
   - Ancestry of Mary Belle McAllister who Married John Samuel Thompson
     includes Dobbin of Connagher, Co. Antrim
     By Leland Charles Puttcamp (USA, 2012?) - FHB


   - Lafferty Family History
     descendants of Patrick Lafferty, b. Ireland, 1768, d. Illinois, 1841
     By Jacquelyn Gee Glavinick (Greeley, Colorado, 1999) - FHB - Large file!
   - Lafferty, Genealogy, History, Legend, Myth - Vol I - Vol 2 - Vol 3
     John Lafferty, Arkansas Pioneer, b. Ireland
     By Mary Lafferty Wilson; Violet Higgins Redman (USA, 2000?) - FHB

* LANGAN: Langan Family History 1825 - 2000

   Patrick Langan, b. Co. Cork, abt. 1825; settled in Wisconsin; mar. Bridget Hardy McCarthy, b. Co. Cork, 1831
   By R. Pat Langan (USA, 1999) - FHB

Langford Data, from Ireland - Vol. 1 - Vol. 2 - Vol. 3 - Vol. 4 - Vol. 5 - Vol. 6 - Vol. 7 - Vol. 8 - Vol. 9 - Vol. 10 - Vol. 11 - Vol. 12 - Vol. 13 - Vol. 14 - Vol. 15 - Vol. 16 - Vol. 17 - Vol. 18 - Vol. 19 - Vol. 20
     Richard Langford, b. Barragh, Co. Carlow; mar. his cousin Elizabeth Langford; descendants in England, Ireland, USA
     By Frederick Langford (USA? late 20th century) - FHB

History and Genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, etc

   Surnames in Ireland: KavenaughMillerWoodsWallace, Lapsley
   Places in Ireland: AntrimDublinMonasterevinCastle Dunshanglin (Dunshaughlin?)
   By W. H. Miller (Richmond, Kentucky, 1907) - IA

* LATIMER: Genealogical Records of William Geddes Latimer

   According to tradition Arthur Latimer of near Newry, Co. Down came to America in 1736; part of a collection of inter-related family histories
   By Samuel Small, Jr. (Philadelphia, 1905) - OL

* LAUGHLIN: Laughlin's from Scotland/Ireland to America Coast to Coast

   our immigrant ancestor came from Dervock, Co. Antrim
   By Kathleen Joyce Laughlin Engebretson (USA, 2003) - FHB

* LAWLESS: Lawless Family History
   Ireland and Canada
   By Denis Francis Lawless (Ottawa, Ontario, 1994) - FHB

* LAWLOR, HOULIHAN: The Ancestors and Descendants of John Joseph Lawlor and Catherine Houlihan
   John Joseph Lawlor b. Causeway village, Killury, Co. Kerry, 1840; mar. Catherine Houlihan of Drumnacurra, Killury, 1865; abandoned their home and emigrated to America
   By David P. Christensen; David W. Brassard (USA, 1991) - FHB

* LEDDIN: see Carey

* LEE: Memoranda of the Lees and Cognate Families

   ...for 300 years back; George Lee, b. Co. Donegal, 1763; emigrated 1784
   By J. N. Lee, D.D. (Waukegan, Illinois, 1898) - OL

   - Five Generations of the William and Elizabeth (Robinson) Leeper Family
      of Donegal or Tyrone, Ireland and America
      By John J. Leeper (USA, 1997) - FHB
   - History of the Descendants of Samuel Harper, James Purdy, James Leeper
      James Leeper, b. Ireland 1748, settled Pennsylvania; son Robert Leeper mar. Nancy Agnes Harper whose mother was Jane Purdy
      By Samuel Leeper (Mount Holly, New Jersey, 1894) - FHB


   - Descendants of Marin Henry Conry 1816 - 1894 from County Roscommon
   - Descendants of Patrick Leonard 1800 - 1872 of Gurwane
     Martin Conry married Mary Leonard, b. Gurwane, Kilbegnet, Galway, dau. of Patrick Leonard and Mary Smyth about 1850; descendants mainly in New Jersey
     By William T. Conry (Freehold, New Jersey, 2006) - FHB

* LENNON: The Descendants of William Lennon of Northern Ireland - 1997 Register
   b. N. Ireland; mar. Mary Stevenson, 9 children, one of whom Margaret Lennon, b. 1869 emigrated to New Hampshire and mar. John Boyd, 1892
   By The Marshall-David Library (Tucson, USA, 1997) - FHB

* LEONARD: Family Genealogy
   By Publius B. Lawson, L.L.B. (Menasha, Wisconsin, 1903) - OL - Read the 'Book Notice' of this book in the New Hampshire Genealogical Record Vol II 1904 - 1905

* LINEHAN: The Descendants of Michael and Judith Linehan 1835 - 2009

   of Buttevant, Co. Cork; descendants in Minnesota
   Related families: Grady, Fitzpatrick, Wigmore, Walsh
   By Linda Von Rueden Troolin; Kim Steinert Thoraldson (USA, 2010) - FHB

* LINN: A History of a Fragment of the Clan Linn and a Genealogy of the Linn and Related Families
   By Dr. George Wilds Linn (Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1905) - OL

   - Linn of Lurgan
      William Linn emigrated from the north of Ireland, 1732; settled Chester county then Lurgan township; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
      By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL
   - Principal Thrust on 'Life and Times of John Linn, Born 1776'
      believed to be descended from Linn of Belfast, Co. Antrim
      By Thomas Harris Linn, Jr. (1976) - FHB

* LINTON: Linton-Lacock 1831 - 1884

    John Linton, b. Co. Down, 1773, educated at Magilligan College, landed at Baltimore about 1795; prepared for Golden Wedding of John Linton and Adelaide Lacock
    By J. M. Swank (Philadelphia, 1881) - FHB

* LITTLE: History of the Little Family

   Thomas Little left Scotland and went to Ireland where he mar. an Irish girl; 5 children b. in Ireland; to secure passage to America, they sold their eldest child Mary who was later reunited with the family; 3 more children b. in Virginia
   By James Alexander Little (Cartersburg, Indiana, 1900) - OL

* LIVINGSTON: My Genealogy - Vol II

   Samuel Henry Harkwood Livingston pioneer, b. Vale of Avoca, 1831
   By Walter K. Miles (100 copies, Spokane, 1957) - FHB

   - History of the Lockhart Family
      of New England, Maritime Canada and Scotland; James Lockhart b. abt. 1720 in Ireland; mar. Rebecca Lockhart; 8 children; emigrated to Connecticut then Nova Scotia; d. Horton, N.S. 1789
      By Estella Yule Pryor for Natalie Lockhart Beveridge (South Portland, Maine, 2000) - FHB
   - Lockhart Families of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
      John Lockhart of Scottish lineage emigrated abt. 1762 to Horton Township, Kings County, Nova Scotia; descendants also in New England; New York
       By Douglas Eaton Eagles (Surnia, Ontario, 1984) - FHB

* LOGAN: Historic Families of Kentucky

   By Thomas Marshall Green (Cincinnati, 1889) - OL

* LONG, KEYS: Long - Keys Genealogy

   Dennis J. Long, b. Millstreet, Aubane, Co. Cork 1846, son of Michael and Mary Long; mar. Ellen Patricia Keys or Keyes in 1870 in Alton, Illinois; she was the dau. of Francis Keys  of County Limerick and Catherine Fitzgibbons who was the dau. of James Fitzgibbons and Elizabeth Mortell; he d. Kansas City 1910
   By Rosemary McNerney Winkler (Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2008) - FHB

* LOUGHRIDGE: The Loughridge Family
   of Scotland, Ireland and the USA
   By Members of the Family (U.S.A., 1980's) -FHB

* LOUGHRY: A Brief Genealogy of the Loughry Family
   of Pennsylvania
   By Julia A. Jewett (St. Louis, Missouri, 1923) - FHB

* LOWRY: The Lowrys - Robert and Mary Lowry and their Children (Six Generations)
   Descendants of Huguenots; Robert Lowry, b. Killyleagh, 1749; m. 1771 Mary Johnstone, b. 1749; emigrated to Philadelphia, 1804 then Poland Center, Mahoning County, Ohio
   By L. H. E. Lowry (Youngstown, Ohio, 1921) - OL

* LUNNEY: The Lunneys of Molly, [Derrylin,] County Fermanagh

   and their descendants in Ireland and in the United States; Owen Lunney mar. Ellen Cassidy; son Patrick bapt. 1849
   By Mary Lyden (USA, 1988) - FHB

   - The Ancestry and Posterity of Matthew, John, Daniel and Samuel Lyle
   Pioneer Settlers in Virginia; Samuel Lyle mar. Janet Knox abt. 1680, descendants emigrated from Larne, Co. Antrim abt 1746
   By Oscar K. Lyle (New York City, 1912) - FHB
   - From Mounthill to Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lyle 1748 - 1831
   By Joseph Douglas Cawley, Jacqueline Boss-Cawley (Centennial, Colorado, 2004) - FHB

   - The John Lynch Family of Woodlands, Arva, Co. Cavan
   John Lynch, Clerk of Sessions, Arvagh, b. abt. 1820; mar. Isabella Savage of Ballinagh; 5 children; descendants in Ireland, England, USA
   By Donald Patrick Brosnan (Published and bound privately, Tuson, Arizona, 1998) - FHB
   - Some Historic Families of South Carolina
   By Frampton Erroll Ellis (Atlanta, Georgia, 1905) - OL

* LYON: Lyon Family

   John Lyon with his family emigrated from Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh to Pennsylvania, 1763; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL


* M'FARREN: A History of the M'Farren Family
   John McFarren emigrated from Calade Parish in County Antrim - 4 miles east of the town of Antrim, 1732
   Read by Wm. McFarren Farrar at the Family Reunion (McKeesport, Pennsylvania, 1880) - IA


    of Co. Louth, later in America
    By Sheila Hubbard Macauley, Ed. by Jennifer Anne Macauley (Concord, MA, 1996) - FHB

   A Scoto-Irish Family
   Compiled by Charles C. McClaughry (Anamosa, Iowa, 1913) - HT

* MacCOUN: The MacCoun Family
   Addenda to The Clay Family
   By Honorable Zachary F. Smith and Mrs. Mary Rogers Clay (Louisville, Kentucky, 1899) - IA

* MacFARLAND: The Genealogy of the Families of Gallemore... McAnulty...MacFarland and Dunlap
   from 87 years B.C. to 1922 A.D.
   By Esther Caroline Gallemore (Hannibal, Missouri, 1922) - OL


   - Maclay of Lurgan
     Charles Maclay, b. Co. Antrim, 1703 sailed for America 1734; settled Lurgan township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
     By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL
   - Maclay of Lurgan
     being a biographical sketch of the descendant of Charles and John Maclay who came to America in the year 1734
     By Edgar S. Maclay, M.A. (Brooklyn, New York, 1889) - FHB

* MacINTYRE, McINTIRE: The MacIntyre, McIntire Clan of Scotland, Ireland, Canada and New England

   families who originated in Ireland and Scotland
   By Harry McIntire (At sea, 1949) - Borrow this eBook from OL

* MacNAUGHT, McNUTT: Genealogies and Reminiscences
   Compiled by Henrietta Hamilton McCormick (Chicago, 1897) - OL

   and a contribution to McAleer Genealogy
   By George McAleer, M.D. (Worcester, Massachusetts, 1909) - HT

* McANULTY: The Genealogy of the Families of Gallemore... McAnulty...MacFarland and Dunlap

   from 87 years B.C. to 1922 A.D.
   By Esther Caroline Gallemore (Hannibal, Missouri, 1922) - OL

   ...of Ireland and their Descendants in America. Illustrated
   By Rev. Neander M. Woods, D.D. LL.D. (Louisville, Kentucky, 1905) - OL

* McAULIFFE: Family Monographs - The History of 24 Families in Middle West Side of New York City
   Daniel McAuliffe, b. west of Ireland 1859; m. Theresa Ryan, 1888, dau of John Ryan of Armagh county and Theresa O'Neill
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL


* McBRIDE: Toner - McBride - King - O'Dowd - Horton - McGough 1795 to 2000
   Ireland Minnesota and Beyond; All immigrated from Ireland
   By Margo Horton-Davis (Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2000) - FHB

   Histories of the Scotch-Irish and of the Presbyterians in the Revolutionary War
   By Newton Whitfield McConnell (USA, 19--) - IA
   in Ireland and America
   By James L. McCall (Morganton, N.C., 1980?) - FHB 

* McCANN: McCann - Gilman Genealogy
   Descendants of Thomas N. McCann (1808 - 1883) and Margaret N. Alley
   By Kenneth Sutherland McCann (Glen Burnie, Maryland, 1954) - FHB - Note: pages not in order

   - Ancestry of Elizabeth Geraldine McCarthy and Related Lines
      members of McCarthy, O'Brien, Comerfort  families of Tipperary and Kilkenny, emigrated 1850 -1854
      By Elizabeth Geralding Zellers McCarthy (Naples, Florida, 1998) - FHB
   - Chance Encounters
      The McCarthy Line - Laurence McCarthy born 1760 near Kenmare, County Kerry
      By Forrester L. Kennedy, Ruth Coman, M.A., M.S. (USA, 2005) - FHB
   - The McCarthys in Early American History
      By Michael Joseph O'Brien (New York, 1921) - OL

   John McCarval of Tattinlieve, Aghabo, Co. Monaghan; his son Owen McCarvill emigrated to Willow Springs, Wisconsin; allied families Logue, Hefferen, Lynch
   By Corinne McCarville Lester (Rhinelander, Wisconsin, 1999) - FHB

* McCAY, McCOY: The Family of Alexander McCoy

   formerly 'Alexander McCay', b. Monaghan, 1737; emigrated 1755; mar. in Pennsylvania, 10 children
   By C. E. McCoy; Lelah Achey; Lloyd Buchwald (Romney, Indiana, 1993) - FHB

* McCLAUGHRY, McCLAGHRY: The Families Mc Claughry

   William McClaghry d. Cleghill Clonbroney, Co. Longford 1713; descendants in USA
   By the Rev. Lyle E. Mac Laury (Interlaken, New York, 1986) - Borrow this book from OL

* McCLENAHAN: The John McClenahan Folk

   b. Banbridge or Rathfriland, Co. Down of Scotch-Irish ancestry, 1780; mar. Mary Urie - a Huguenot name - oldest dau. of Robert Urie, farmer
   By John McClenahan Henderson (Pittsburgh, 1912) - OL

* McCLINTOCK: Baltimore Bound

   Alexander McClintock and Ann Patterson of Letterkenny, Co. Donegal; McMahon; also descendants of John and Mary Ball of Dungannon, County Tyrone, later Talbot County, Maryland
   By Mary Claire Bavis (Baltimore, 2002) - FHB

* McCLINTOCK: The McClintock Genealogy

   begins with Alexander McClintock, d. Trinta House, Donegal, 1670
   Ed. by William M. Mervine (reprint from 'The Genealogical Register', Philadelphia, 1913) - FHB

   - McCloud of Skye, Ireland and America x 2 in: O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol II - Corrigenda et Addenda

* McCLUNG: The McClung Genealogy
   A Scotch-Irish family
   By Rev. William McClung (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 1904) - HT

* McCLURE: A McClure Genealogy
   Some Descendants of John McClure and Christian Couey of Co. Antrim begining in 1715
   By Charles Dennie McClure and Pamela Henley McClure (Carrollton, Georgia, 2997) - FHB

* McCLURE: The McClure Family

   McClures of Ayrshire, Scotland settled in Saintfield, Co. Down; articles on the family published in the Belfast Witness, 1904; Robert Alexander McClure, M.A. settled 1749 Augusta County, Virginia
   By James Alexander McClure (Petersburg, Virginia, 1914) - IA

* McCLURE: McClure Family Records
   numerous settlers with this surname
   By William M. Clemens (New York, 1914) - IA

* McCONNELL, SHIELDS: Hugh McConnell 1803 - 1880 and Elizabeth Walters

   Hugh's father Francis McConnell mar. Sarah Shields in Ireland; computer generated; index
   By Leora Rabuck (Altoona, Pennsylvania, 1994) - FHB

* McCONNELL, MARTIN, BARBER, WILSON, BAIRD, McCALL, MORRIS: Genealogical History of the Families

   Scotch-Irish and the Presbyterians in the Revolutionary War...
   By Newton Whitfield McConnell (21st century?, USA) - Borrow this eBook from the OL

* McCONNELL: The Huff and McConnell Genealogies

   William McConnell, b. Ireland 1823; mar. Eliza Henderson, b. Ireland 1830; both d. Montreal, Quebec; 2 children; descendants in New York
   By Allys McConnell Huff (Utica, Kentucky, 1997) - Borrow this eBook from OL

* McCOOK: A Brief Historical Sketch of the "Fighting McCooks"

   Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Scotch-Irish Society of America
   By Howe (New York, 1903) - OL

* McCORMICK: McCormick Family

   Hugh McCormick, b. Ulster, abt. 1695, emigrated with his family to Pennsylvania bef. 1735; located at paxtang township, Lancaster county; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* McCORMICK: The McCormicks

  extract from 'A Genealogy and History of the John Banning Family; Charles McCormick mar. Mary Ann McGill
   Related families: Fee, Sullivan
   By Harold William Robinson (Vienna, Ohio, 1983) - FHB

* McCORMICK, STEVENSON, McKENZIE, BELL: Scotch-Irish in Ireland and in America

   as shown in sketches of the pioneer Scotch-Irish families in North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri and Texas
   By Andrew Phelps McCormick (New Orleans, 1897) - Library of Congress catalogue 1919

* McCORMICK: Family Record and Biography

   James McCormick of Scotch-Irish lineage emigrated from Londonderry to America
   By Leander James McCormick (Chicago, 1896) - OL

* McCORMICK: Some Virginia Families

   By Hugh Milton McIlhany, Jr., M.A., Ph.D. (Staunton, Virginia, 1903) - OL

* McCREADY: Family Monographs - The History of 24 Families in Middle West Side of New York City

   Mary Elizabeth McCready came to New York from Ireland abt. 1831
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL

* McCUE: The McCues of the Old Dominion

   Supplemented with Brief Charts of ...Cunningham Families
   Surnames in Ireland: McCue, Moffett, McDowell, Barry, Dorman, Aull, Langtry, Cunningham, Wiber
    Places in Ireland: Ulster; Prince of Wales, Northern Ireland; County Donegal; County Antrum (Antrim)
   Compiled by John N. McCue (Mexico, Missouri, 1912) - OL

* McCURDY: Descendants of Samuel McCurdy of Surry, New Hamshire

   to the 7th generation; b. Ahoghill, Co. Antrim, 1723; m. Elizabeth Gray abt. 1724; emigrated 1772
   By Ross Walter McCurdy (Cumberland, Rhode Island, 1989) - FHB


   - Family Histories and Genealogies
     A Series of Genealogical and Biographical Monographs on the Famies of MacCurdy...
   - Twenty-Nine Pedigree-charts...
     Descent from Patrick McCurdy of Ballintoy, Co. Antrim
     By Edward Elbridge Salisbury, Evelyn McCurdy Salisbury (Privately printed 250 copies, New Haven, Connecticut, 1892) - OL

* McCUTCHAN-JOHNSTONE: From then til now: History of McCutchanville

   Charles McCutchan-Johnstone of Goshen, Co. Longford, the first white man to settle permanently in the McCutchanville area (Indiana)
   By Kenneth P. McCutchan (Indianapolis, 1969) - FHB - McCutchanville, Indiana in: Wikipedia


* McDANIEL: Petition of Hugh McDaniel for Assisted Passages
   to Evelyn John Shirley, M.P.; transcription
   By Hugh McDaniel (Carrickaduy, 1845) - Irish Emigration Database

* McDERMOTT: The McDermott Family of Curwensville, Pennsylvania

   Thomas Paul McDermott, b. Rosscommon, 1832; emigrated with his mother 1847
   By Maureen Ellen McDermott-Marella (USA, late 20th century?) - FHB

* McDONALD, MacDONNELL: Notes Preparatory to a Biography of Richard Hayes McDonald - Vol I

   of San Francisco, California; family name previously MacDonnell; Brian McDonald of County Wicklow and later Delaware
   By Frank V. McDonald (Cambridge, 1881) - FHB

* McDONALD, TAAFFE: Highlights and Reflections

   John Taaffe McDonald b. Lurgan, Co. Armagh, 1830 to John Kilpatrick McDonald and Rachel Burke Taaffe; emigrated 1832 to Quebec, later Philadelphia
   By Lawrence Wesley McDonald, Jr. (Salt Lake City, Utah, 1996) - FHB

* McDONNELL: Golden Clan

   The Murrays, the McDonnells, and the Irish Amercian Aristocracy
   By John Corry (Boston, 1977) - Borrow this eBook from OL - Read a review of this book on Wikipedia

* McDOWELL: The Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States of America

   Notes on Families Related
   By Charles P. Keith (Philadelphia, 1893) - OL

* McDOWELL: Historic Families of Kentucky

   By Thomas Marshall Green (Cincinnati, 1889) - OL

* McDOWELL: McDowells in America - a Genealogy

   listing of immigrants mainly to Pennsylvania
   By Dorothy Kelly MacDowell (Baltimore, 1981) - FHB

* McDUFFEE, McFEE, McAFEE: Five Northern McDuffee Families

   5 sons of John and Matchless Martha McDuffee of Londonderry
   By Giles F. Carter (Clemson, South Carolina, 1998) - FHB


* McELMEEL, McNAMEE, McENENLY: The McElmeels of Clogher; The McNamee Family in America
   Michael McElmeel mar. Catherine McEnenly 1800; 5 children John McElmeel b. Clogher, Co. Tyrone emigrated and used the name McNamee
   Related families: Barton; Dailey; Lawler; Mangan; McCourt
   By Peggie McNamee Trei; John Sullivan and others (St. Louis, Missouri, 2007) - FHB

* McELRAVY: McElravy of Ireland, Canada and United States

   John McElravy, b. Ireland abt 1797, mar. Christiana, 6 children; emigrated 1853 to Leeds, Quebec; mention of the McElravy's/ McIlravys of Ballyrashane, Co. Londonderry
   By Garth Woodward (Treherne, Manitoba, 1996) - FHB

* McELROY: The Scotch-Irish McElroys in America
   A.D. 1717-A.D. 1900
   By Rev. John M. McElroy, D.D. (Albany, New York, 1901) - HT

* McELWEE: Old King William Homes and Families
   An account of Some of the Old Homesteads and Families of King William County Virginia
   By Peyton Neale Clarke (Louisville, Kentucky, 1897) - OL

* McEWEN: Our McEwen Heritage

   James McEwen, b. Ballybay, Co. Monaghan; family in America since 1736
   By Erma J. Stevenson, Robert L. McEwen (Salem, Oregon, 2001) - FHB


* McFARLAN: Our Kindred The McFarlan and Stern Families
   By Cyrus Stern (Logan, Iowa, 1885) - HT

* McFARLAND: The Book of Generations
   of William McFarland and Nancy Kilgore 1740 - 1912
   By Joseph McFarland, M.D. (Elgin, Illinois, 1913) - OL

* McFARLAND: Descendants of Daniel McFarland

   one of the Scotch (-Irish) Presbyterians who settled in Worcester, Massachusetts; emigrated from Ireland 1718
   Other names of settlers: Crawford, Barbor, Duncan, Graham, Battey, Mahan, Forbush, Ferguson, McClellan, McClintic, McKonkey, Young, Hambleton, Caldwell, Gray, Clark, McGregoire
   By Ellery B. Crane (Worcester, 1907) - FHB

* McFARREN: A History of the M'Farren Family

   John McFarren emigrated from Calade Parish in County Antrim - 4 miles east of the town of Antrim, 1732
   Read by Wm. McFarren Farrar at the Family Reunion (McKeesport, Pennsylvania,1880) - IA


* McGAFFEY: The Genealogical History of The McGaffey Family
   John McGaffey fled to Ireland from Scotland, mar. Margaret McCrillis of Londonderry; mention of McClary family; emigration to America
   By George W. McGaffey (Bradford, Vermont, 1904) - OL

* McGEE, MAGEE, THOMSON: McGee - Thomson - Thompson - Brindley Families

   Patrick Magee, b. Ireland, abt. 1753 mar. Rosanah McCullar - 11 children; John Thomson grad. U. of Edinburgh, moved to Maghera, Londonderry, Ireland
   By Pauline and J.W. Massey (Wichita, Kansas, 1966) - FHB 

* McGILL: The Family and Some Descendants of William McGill

   of Ireland, Pennsylvania and North Carolina; of County Tyrone; William McGill, b. Tyrone abt 1780; mar. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Bell also of Ireland
   By Lovell Jason Morris (Lt. Col. Lovell J. Morris, Jr., Signal Mountain, Tennessee, ) - FHB

* McGILL, MacGILL, MAGILL: The McGills
   Celts, Scots, Ulstermen and American Pioneers
   By Capt. A. McGill (Saint Paul, 1910) - IA

   Genealogical Notes; William McGinness, b. Co. Down bet. 1750  - 1760
   By Samuel W. McGinness and Mary R. Ford (Pittsburgh, 1892) - OL

* McGLOIN: Family Monographs - The History of 24 Families in Middle West Side of New York City

   Bernard McGloin, a native of Cavan, b. abt. 1775; m. Sarah Maguire abt. 1820
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL

* McGOUGH: McGough - Gibbons Descendants 1993
   Patrick McGough, Sr. b. Co. Mayo; mar. Margaret Gibbons at Burriscarra; 6 children; descendants in USA
   By Nancy Ann Unwin (Rochester Hills, Michigan, 1993) - FHB

* McGOUGH: Pisgah's Earth - The Story of Mary McGough Armstrong and Her Family

   of Scots-Irish background to Robert McGough and Nancy McWhorter of near Newry, Co. Down
   By Robert E. Parrott (Knoxville, Tennessee, 1992) - FHB

* McGOUGH: Toner - McBride - King - O'Dowd - Horton - McGough 1795 to 2000
   Ireland Minnesota and Beyond; All immigrated from Ireland
   By Margo Horton-Davis (Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2000) - FHB

* McGOWAN: Family Monographs - The History of 24 Families in Middle West Side of New York City

  John McGowan, b. Ireland, 1832 one of 14 children; m. Mary Williams dau of Patrick and Mary Williams of the south of Ireland
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL

* McGRATH, McGRAW: The Origins of the the McGrath Family
   Edmond William McGrath b. Upperchurch, Co. Tipperary, 1813; d. Truxton, New York, 1899
   By Michael F. McGraw (Austin Texas, 1999) - website

* McGREGOR: Our McGregor Family - A Brief History
   James Henry McGregor and wife Elizabeth (Love?) of Londonderry? j; 5 children; emigrated to Pennsylvania 1802
   By Larry L. McGregor (Northbrook, Illinois, 1998) - FHB

* McGREW: 
Alexander McGrew Genealogy of Amelia Township, South Carolina - Adendum II
   the Mcgrews arrived from Omagh, County Tyrone
   Genealogy by G.E. McGrew, Booklet and Genealogy Updates by C. J. "Dan" McGrew, M.D. (Spring Hill, Florida, 1985, 1989, 1995)


* McINTYRE: Descendants of William McIntyre
   A Scotsman from the north of Ireland who settled at Boston, Massachusetts abt. 1720 then located at Warren, Maine
   By R. H. McIntire (Maryland, 1984) - Borrow this eBook from the OL


* McKAUGHAN, McCAUGHAN: Cuz's of Sorts: North American Descendants of the Gaelic Clan MacEachain
   Archibald McKaughan of County Antrim married Rebecca Boyd circa 1833, family emigrated to Pennsylvania
   By Minnebell McKaughan Perkins (Kerrville, Texas, 1991) - FHB

* McKEAN, McKEEN: McKean Genealogies
   with portraits
   By Cornelius McKean (Des Moines, Iowa, 1902) - HT

* McKEE: A History of the Descendants of David McKee of Anahilt
   Descendants scattered in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America
   By Prof. James Y. McKee (Philadelphia, 1892) - OL
   Note: This title was the eBook of the Month for March, 2012 - for short review see eBook of the Month Archive

 The McKinley Family, The Sloan Family, The Campbell Family
     of Northern Ireland and the United States
     By Joseph Mitchell Hewlett, Jr., BS, ME, MS, Commander USNR (Wyncote, PA, 1962) - FHB

   By Belle McKinney Hays Swope (Newville, Pennsylvania, 1905) - IA

   with a Preliminary Essay on the Scotch-Irish Immigrations to America; John McKinstry b. Brode Parish, Co. Antrim, son of Rodger McKinstry and Mary Wilson; John McKinstry's son John McKinstry arrived Boston, 1718
   By William Willis (Portland, 1866) - IA

* McKINSTRY: McKinstry Family History
   By Unknown author (USA, 1901) - OL

* McLEAN: The William McLean and Allied Families
   Alexander McLean of Ireland emigrated to America abt. 1728; settled first in Pennsylvania
   By John Davidson McLean (Gastonia, North Carolina, 1953) - FHB

* McMAHON: McMahon Family - Some Genealogical Notes
   William McMahon b. abt. 1850 mar. Mary Margaret Kennedy; of Ennis, Co. Clare; descendants in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania; families speializing in textiles and machinery
   By Barton B. Proger, Ed.D. (King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, 2008) - FHB

* McMAHON: Your McMahon Heritage

   Bryan McMahon b. Co. Clare, 1808; mar. Winnefred Keane; emigrated 1852 Oneida County, New York, then Ripon, Wisconsin
   By Raymond J. Devine (USA, 1996) - FHB

* McMATH: Memorials of the McMath Family

   Archibald McMath emigrated from Scotland to the north part of Ireland; settled in or near Londonderry abt 1738; Alla McMath, b. in or near Londonderry, 1738 came to America 1756, settled Chester County, Pennsylvania
   By Frank McMath (Detroit, 1898) - OL

* McMILLAN: McMillan Genealogy and History
   Scotland, Ireland, Washington County, New York
   By W.F. McMillan, C.E. McMilllan (St. Paul? 1908) - OL

   of Texas and Kentucky; the migration of their ancestors from Co. Derry, to Pennsylvania, thence to the Province of Maryland, and their further migration to Kentucky and Texas
   By William Edward Dunn, Ph.D. (Washington, D.C. 1960)

* McNAMARA: Genealogy of the Smith..and Allied Families
  By John Fraser Smith (Chicago, 1915) - OL

* McNAMARA, MACK: The Mack / McNamara Story
   Descendants of John McNamara (also known as Mack) and Katherine Carmody of Ennis, co. Clare, "Potato Famine" refugees to Massachusetts 1849
   By George L. Roberts III (Scotsdale, Arizona, 1991) - FHB


   - McNair of Derry
     David McNair b. Donaghmore, County Donegal emigrated to America, 1733; settled Derry township, Lancaster county Pennsylvania
   - McNair of Hanover
   Thomas McNair, probably a grandson of David Mc Nair (above); emigrated abt. 1762; settled in Hanover township
   Sections of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL

* McNALLY: Descendants of Myles McNally

   b. abt. 1812 in Co. Mayo; m. (1) Myra Hinkley, d. Ireland bef 1846; m. 1846, (2) Mary McDonel, b. Co. Cavan; d. Emmetsburg, Iowa, 1891
   By Cathy Joynt Labath and others (updated 2006) - Celtic Cousins website

* McNARY: The Clan McNary in America

   James McNary Scotch-Irish founder of our clan probably settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
   By A Clansman - Joseph Rea McNary (Pittsburgh, 1914) - OL

* McNARY: McNary Family with Trees and History
   A Scotch-Irish family
   The Publishing Committee (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1907) - IA

* McNEIL: The Continental Frigate Boston
   Malcolm McNeil and family sailed from Portrush, 1737; settled in Boston
   By The New Hampshire Genealogical Record Vol IV (Dover, New Hampshire, 1907) - OL


* McPEAK: The William McPeak Family History
   William McPeak and 3 brothers immigrated from Scotland or northern Ireland abt. 1800 to Virginia
   By Hugh Ray McPeak, Carroll Leroy McPeak (USA, 1967) - FHB


* McVICKAR: Memoranda relating to the McVickar Family in America
    Archibald McVickar had issue Archibald McVickar, Merchant of New York City, d. 1779, John McVickar of Ballyloghlan, Co. Antrim, 1759 and James McVickar of Belfast
   By Edward McVickar (New York, 1906) - OL


* McWILLIAMS: A Family History - Vol II
   an update(?) of the Williams (McWilliams) and Corbett Families from Ireland. (Vol I not found)
   By George L. Williams (Printed Privately, Port Washington, New York, 2006) - FHB

* MACK, McNAMARA: The Mack / McNamara Story
   John McNamara (also known as Mack) and Katherine Carmody of Ennis, Co. Clare, refugees to Massachusetts in 1849
   By George L. Roberts III (Scotsdale, Arizona, 1991) - FHB

* MAGENNIS: Origin and History of the Magennis Family

   Samuel McGinness, of Co. Tyrone, my great grandfather came from Ireland between 1755 and 1760
   By John F. Meginness (Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1891) - OL

* MAHAFFEY: Mahaffey Descendants

   1600 - 1914; Thomas Mahaffey, the progenitor of the Lycoming and Clearfield County Mahaffey's was probably born in Donegal County in 1734
   Compiled by Estelle Kinports Davis and Mary E. Mahaffey Garst (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1914) - OL

* MAJOR: Major - Barrington Family

   John Major b. Banbridge, 1834 son of John Major b. Banbridge, 1802 and Sarah Black, b. Banbridge, 1809; all 3 d. Wooster, Ohio; 11 children b. Banbridge, all d. in USA
   By Patricia Ruth Major Miller (computer generated, USA? 2003) - FHB

* MALONE: The Malone Family History - Vol I

   of Ventry Co. Kerry and New England
   By Francis J. Malone (USA, 2008) - website


   - The Marcy Family
     John Marcy of Limerick b. abt. 1662 settled in Woodstock, Connecticut; the name is often given as 'Massey' or 'Massie'
     By Mrs. Calvin D. Paige (Quinabaug, 1902) - FHB
   - The Marcy Family
     By Barton Coles Marcy, Jr. (Privately Published, USA, 2009) - FHB
   - Record of The Marcy Family
     By Prof. Oliver Marcy, LL.D. (Evanston, Illinois, 1875) - FHB

* MARSHALL: The Marshall Family
   or a genealogical chart of the descendants of John Marshall and Elizabeth Markham...
   By W. M. Paxton (Cincinnati, 1885) - OL

* MARSHALL: The Marshall Family

   A History of the Descendants of William Marshall, b. Ireland 1722; emigrated first to Scotland then America
   By O.S. Marshall (Kittanning, Pennsylvania, 1884) - OL

* MARTIN: An Account of some of the Later Generations of the Martin Family in America
   Richard 'Mad Dick' Martin was a prominent manufacturer in Belfast and Member of the Irish House of Parliament
   By Richard A. Martin (150 numbered copies, New York, 1902) - OL

* MARTIN: The Descendants of Robert Martin

   mar. Sarah Hetherington, 1857; emigrated to St. Louis, Missouri, 1871; descendants in USA, Canada
   By Dorothy Hill Martin (Canada? Early 21st century?) - FHB

* MARTIN: The Martin Family of Dublin and Virginia

   By Turtle Bunbury - website


   - A Marmion Miscellany
     various Marmion families which originated in Ireland and England and emigrated to USA, Canada, Australia
   - Marmion Descents
     from the noble and royal houses of Europe
     By William F. K. Marmion (Limerick and Melbourne, Florida, 2002 ) - FHB

* MASSEY: Brief Account of Family of Robert and Susan Everett Massey
   of Gorey, Ireland
   By R. R. Massey (USA, 1912) - IA

   Descendants of John and Sarah Mathews of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
   By James R. Bowman (Washington, 1953) - HT

   - First Four Generations of William Mathis Family Tree
     emigrated from Ireland 1790 to Green co. Kentucky
     By Louis Myron Lindblom (Palatine, Illinois, 1966) - FHB
   - They Sought a Better Land
     A Sequel to The William Mathis Family Tree Booklet (1966)
     By Myron and Elsie Lindblom (Valparaiso, Indiana, 1972) - FHB

* MAXWELL, ORR, QUINN: Maxwell Family

   extract from 'The Dotson/Orr Ancestors'
   By James E. Dotson (San Angelo, Texas, 1993) - FHB

* MAXWELL: Maxwell History and Genealogy
   Surnames in Ireland: Maxwell, Widenham, Moor, Moore, Wilson, Dunn, Dinwiddie, Smith, Milner, Long, Crothers, Brewster, Wiley, Stewart, Bredin, Anderson, Cowan, Walker, Blaine, McCullough, Workman, Telford, Fogarty, Orr 
   By Florence Wilson Houston, Laura Cowan Blaine, Ella Dunn Mellette (Indianapolis, Indiana, 1916) - OL

* MAZE, MAYES, MAYS: Maze/Mayes Family History - Ireland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Indiana
   1730 - 2000
   By Robert G. Maze (San Diego, California, 2000) - FHB

   - Mead of America in: O' Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol II

     from Co. Cork, emigrated abt 1685
     By Patrick Hamilton Baskervill (Richmond, Virginia, 1921) - OL
   - A Genealogy of the Meade Family
     Traced to Christopher Meade and Margaret Wall probably of Slane, Co. Meath
     By Charles Terrance 'Terry' Kuebrich (Mitchellville, Iowa, 1985) - FHB
   - Meade Family History
     By The William and Mary Quarterly pp. 37-45 (USA, 1904) - JSTOR
     from Ireland to Virginia and Colorado
     By Thomas Earl Meade (USA, 2013?) - FHB

* MEHARRY: History of the Meharry Family in America
   descendants of Alexander Meharry I who fled from near Ayr, Scotland to Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan and whose descendant Alexander Meharry III emigrated to America in 1794
   By a Committee (Lafayette, Indiana, 1925) - OL

* MELROY, MULROY: The Melroy Family - From Ireland to Iowa

   Earliest ancestor was Manus Mulroy of Killala, Co. Mayo 1801 - 1842
   By Jane Anderson McAuliffe; Sister Francis Marie Melroy (Silverdale, Washington, 1992) - FHB

* MERRIS or MORRIS: Descendants of William and Mary Hunt Merris

   William Merris or Morris b. 1720 in Scotland or Ireland
   By Kathy Merris Mills (Camp Point Illinois, digital 2009) - FHB

* MERRYMAN: Walter Marryman of Harpswell, Maine and his Descendants
   ...He was kidnapped in an Irish port early in 1700 and brought to Boston, Mass.
   By Rev. Charles Nelson Sinnett (Concord, New Hampshire, 1905) - HT

* MILFORD: Sharpe-Milford Family Record Bicentennial Supplement
   William (Billy) Milford b. on Ulster Plantation, d. Co. Tyrone near Kirk Presbyterian Church
   By John Calvin Sharpe (Alabama? 1976) - IA

* MILHOUSE: An American Presidential Visit to County Kildare
   Irish Quaker maternal ancestry of President Richard Milhous Nixon; visit to Hodgestown burial ground, Timahoe, Co. Kildare
   reprint from Kildare Nationalist (newspaper, Kildare, 2009) Sean Cullen's Personal Web site - Nixon's paternal ancestors were Methodists who emigrated to America from the north of Ireland; Nixon pedigree in: Bell Families of Pennsylvania (p. 5) by Claudette Maerz

   - Gayen Miller, An Irish Quaker and his American Descendants 1675 - 1993
      mar. Margaret Henderson in Co. Armagh; emigrated to Pennsylvania 1708; 12 children
      By Elmer K. Miller (Cullman, Alabama, Wyandotte, Oklahoma, 1993) - FHB
   - History and Genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, etc
      Surnames in Ireland: KavenaughMillerWoodsWallace, Lapsley
      Places in Ireland: AntrimDublinMonasterevinCastle Dunshanglin (Dunshaughlin?)

      By W. H. Miller (Richmond, Kentucky, 1907) - IA
   - The Miller Family
      Extract from 'Our Family Ancestors'; John Miller, son of John Miller who went over to Ireland as a planter in 1657; mar. Mary Agnew in Ireland; arrived Chester County, Pennsylvania 1709
      By Thomas Maxwell Potts (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, 1895) - OL
   - The Reverend Alexander Miller of Virginia
      and some of His Descendants
      By Milo Custer (Bloomington, Illinois, 1910) - IA

* MILLIKAN: Notes of the Millikan Family

   ...William Millikan, born about 1720, probably at Dromore, County Down, a Quaker of Scotch descent, settled in Pennsylvania with one or more brothers
   By Millard F. Hudson (San Francisco, 1902) - OL

* MINEHAN, HENNESSEY: Minehan Family

   Patrick Minihan of Limerick mar. abt. 1873 in San Francisco Jane Hennessey also of Limerick
   By Janice Bale Minehan (California? 1996) - FHB

* MINCHIN: The Book of Minchin

   Families in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, India
   By Dorothy Minchin-Comm (California, 2006) - FHB

     emigrants from Ulster, to the American Colonies in 1763
     By James Mitchell (Boston, Massachusetts, 1907) - OL
   - Mitchell Family History - Vol XVII
     Robert and Mary Enos Mitchell of Scotland and Northern Ireland; descendants in USA
     By Mary Ellen Roach-Higgins (2008) - FHB
     of Northern Ireland, the United States, and Australia
     By. Joseph Mitchell Hewlett, Jr., BS, Me, MS Commander USNR (Wyncote, PA, 1960) - FHB

* MINNIS: Minnis Family of Ireland and America
   In the County Down, John Minnis, the Colonist, and founder of this branch of the Minnis family in America...
   By Elizabeth Austin (Chillicothe, Missouri, 1913) - OL

* MOFFATT: William and Barbara Moffatt
   William Moffatt b. 1738, son of Samuel Moffatt and Martha McCully of Sherry Parish, Co. Antrim, and wife Barbara Chestnut immigrated to Chester County, South Carolina, 1772
   By James R. Moffatt (USA, digital 2010) - FHB

The Monahan and McCollum Families - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
   of Ireland and Brooklyn and Queens County, New York
   Related families: Highland, Wood, McKay, McMullen, McCafferty, Leitch, Pinkerton, McAllister, Loftus
   By Elizabeth A. Monahan (Easley, South Carolina, 2007) - FHB


   - A Genealogy of the Monell Family
     James Monell 1690 - 1768 was probably of a Huguenot family living in Ireland; he emigrated 1717 to Philadelphia
     By Wesley L. Baker (Douglaston, New York, 1946) - FHB
   - Supplement to the Monell Genealogy
     By Wesley L. Baker (Douglaston, New York, 1980) - FHB

   - History of the Descendants and Connections of William Montgomery and James Somerville
     Who Emigrated to America from Ireland, in the opening years of the 19th Century
     By Frank Montgomery (Newark, Ohio, 1897) - OL
   - Montgomery-Houston Family of New Providence; Montgomery-Logan Family of Kentucky
     and Montgomery Families: Irish Notes
     By Robert H. Montgomery (reprint from New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1958) - FHB

* MOOR: John Moor, The Knight of Derryfield

   from Maxwell History and Genealogy
   By Florence Wilson Houston, Laura Cowan Blaine, Ella Dunn Mellette (Indianapolis, 1916) - OL

   - Descendants of William Moore 1730 - 1824 of Newberry County, South Carollina
     b. Ireland
     By Dallas L. Phelps (Camden, South Carolina, 2007) - FHB
   - A History of the Robert Alexander Moore and Mary Ann Moore Family
     sharing the same surname but unrelated before marriage; both of County Tyrone
     By Mary Elizabeth Alderton Morris (Hollywood, California, 1984) - FHB
   - John Moore Family in America
     An Ulster Scot who emigrated from Northern Ireland to Massachusetts in 1718
     By Charles B. Moore (Glens Falls, New York, 2008) - FHB
   - Moore Family
     a section from The Ancestry of Walter M. Thurston
     By John H. and Walter M. Thurston (Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1894) - IA
   - The Moore Family History
     Canadian and USA family of Irish descent
     By George Moore (Computer generated, USA, early 21st century) - Website

   - American Descendants of John Moorhead of Drumsnat, Co. Monaghan
     b. 1730; mar. 1. Martha McDonald abt 1747; mar. 2. Elizabeth Dunn abt. 1761; emigrated abt 1762; settled Anderson, South Carolina
     By Bill L. Guest (USA, microfilmed 2001) - FHB
   - History of the Moorhead Family
     From the latter part of the sixteenth century to the present time
     By A. T. Moorhead (Indiana, Pennsylvania, 1901) OL
   - A Moorhead / Morehead Genealogy
     John Moorhead b. possibly in Raphoe, Co. Donegal in 1720 of Scotch-Irish ancestry, later of Pennsylvania and Ohio
     By  Rex Knoke Moorhead (Sun City West, Arizona, 1992) - FHB

      Moran of Delvin, Co. Westmeath, descendants in England and United States
      By Marguerite K. Gould (Cocoa Beach, Florida, 19 Dec 1985) - FHB
   - Generations of Morans - Branching from Mayo to the World
     1855 - 2007; William Moran, son of Martin Moran and Anne Kelley, b. Rosturk, Co. Mayo, mar. Mary Ginelly Burrishoole, 1882; descendants in Ireland, England, USA
     By Kathleen Moran TullyKathi Woodward Moran (USA? 2007) - FHB
   - Morans, Stantons, Blackmores
     Ixonia, Wisconsin Families; Moran (Co. Meath); Stanton (Co. Mayo); Blackmore (Co. Tipperary)
     Related Families: Gelshen, Hayes, Boswell, Rutledge, Quirk, McNally, Kane, O'Brien
     By Joseph L. Druse (East Lancing, Michigan, 1999) - FHB
   - Moran Exodus From Offaly
     Gabriel Moran, b. Co. Clare, abt. 1691; settled in Maryland abt. 1711
     Related Families: Rice, Gorman, Mahan?
     By Patrick Edward Moran (Houston, Texas, 1995) - FHB

* MORGAN: Patrick Morgan and Margaret Halfin of Ireland

   and their descendants; mar. 1864; emigrated to Illinois, moved to Missouri then Iowa; 5 children
   By Billy D. Morgan, D.C. (Phoenix, Arizona, 1985) - FHB

   - Genealogy
     Strobridge Morrison or Morison Strawbridge (a Scots-Irish family)
     By Mrs. Mary Stiles (Paul) Guild (Lowell, Massachusetts, 1891) - OL
   - The History of the Morison or Morrison Family
     Scottish and Irish family who emigrated to America
     By Leonard A. Morrison (Boston, 1880) - OL
      Ireland to America, Sligo to Iowa, and on to the Dakota's
      By James Carl Morrison (1980's?, USA) - FHB

   - Ancestors, Relatives and Descendants of Robert Emmett Morris Family
     including Curtis, Hatton, Hogan, Johnson, Monaghan Families; of Co. Wexford, emigrated abt. 1854 to Pennsylvania
     By Donald F. Lovely (Bloomington, Minnesota, 2010) - FHB
   - Descendants of Anthony Morris
     Anthony Morris b. Ireland, 1804, d. Wisconsin, 1852; m. (2) Bridget Walsh bef. 1834 who was b. Ballinaboy, Co. Galway, d. Downie, Perth, Ontario
     By Cathy Joynt Labath and others (updated 2006) - Celtic Cousins website
   - Genealogical History of the Families
     Histories of the Scotch-Irish and of the Presbyterians in the Revolutionary War
     By Newton Whitfield McConnell (USA, 19--) - IA

   - The English and Scotch Immigrant Ancestors of the Clapp-Cheney Family
     including Scotch-Irish
     By Charles Henry Pope (Compiled and Printed for The Family Only, Boston, 1900) - OL
   - Morrison Report
     Archibald Morrison b. 1824-7 in Northern Ireland
     By Shane McAteer, Ulster Historical Foundation (Belfast, 1998) FHB

Sinclair and Mulholland Families of Ireland and America 1679-1954
    Thomas Sinclair's 12 children, and Henry Mulholland's 14 children
     By Mrs. Walter E. Daub (Springfield, Del. Co. Pa, 1954?) - FHB
* MULICK: A Mulick Anthology
   Michael Mulick, b. Co. Roscommon, mar. 1839, Bridget Coleman; emigrated to New York then Kentucky and Iowa; 8 children
   By Diana Johnson Mulick; George Carl Mulick (St. Louis, Missouri, Lisle Illinois, 1997) - FHB


   - The Mullarky Family from Ireland
     6 of 8 children b. in Ireland bet. 1787 and 1806 emigrated to Illinois and Iowa
     By Raymon E. Lawton (Granite Bay, California, microfilmed 2002) - FHB
   - The Six Mullarkey Brothers from County Galway
     who emigrated to Stephenson County, Illinois; Thomas Mullarky b. Dunmore, Co. Galway, abt. 1760
     By William A. Weimer (Asheville, North Carolina, 2001) - FHB

* MULLOY: The Family Mulloy

   Dennis Molloy b. Ireland abt 1750 emigrated to York County, Maine by 1777
   By Fannie Mulloy Hilton (South Berwick, Maine, 1969) - FHB

* MULROONEY: The Mulrooneys of Grant County, Wisconsin

   includes visit to Ireland
   By Tess Mulrooney (Madison, Wisconsin, 2008) - FHB

   - Ancestral Patriots 1776 : Biographical Sketches of My Ancestors
     Beatty and Murphy; O'Murphy
     By Lola Frances Murphy McMeen (Provo, Utah, 1976) - FHB
   - The Murphy Family
     genealogical, historical, and biographical
     By Michael Walter Downes (Hartford, Connecticut, 1909) - OL
   - The Murphy and Boyle Families - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV
     including McCarthy, Maher, Flinn of Ireland, Hartford, Connecticut; Springfield, Massachusetts; Cincinnati, Ohio; Kentucky
     By Elizabeth A. Monaghan (Easley, South Carolina, 2007) - FHB
   - Murphy and Fleming Genealogies
     John Lawrence Murphy 1836 - 1918, hid Co. Cork ancestors and American descendants; mar. Bridget Fleming at St. Patrick's Fermoy
     By Eileen Murphy Hartman (2001) - FHB
   - The Murphy - Herlihy Families 1835 - 1992
     numerous photographs, pedigrees; families from Cork some of whom emigrated to USA
     By Paul Callanan; Lou Murphy (Cork; Santa Clara, California, 1992) - FHB
   - Peck of Potatoes
     John and Mary Murphy came from Killarney, Co. Kerry to the U.S. 1856; moved to Berkshire County, Massachusetts
     By Walter T. Murphy, APR, Ph.D. (Saline, Michigan, 1998) - FHB

   - A Brief History of the Murray, Morrah, Murrows
     Alexander Murray b. Ireland or Scotland d. toboyne township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1791
     By Howard A. Morrow (Denver, Colorado, 1969) - FHB - Handwritten
   - Descendants of Robert Murray
     A Scotch-Irish family from Armagh
     By Harold Griffith Murray (Flushing, N.Y., 1940) - FHB
   - Golden Clan
     The Murrays, the McDonnells, and the Irish Amercian Aristocracy
     By John Corry (Boston, 1977) - Borrow this eBook from OL - Read a review of this book on Wikipedia
   - Murray of Harris' Ferry
     Patrick Murray, b. Co. Donegal, 17 Mar 1755, d. Orange township, Ashland county, Ohio; section of "Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German"
     By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL
   -  My Murrays - My Fairs - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V - Vol VI - Vol VII - Vol VIII
   By Gerald Robert Murray (Roosevelt, Utah, 1994 - 2000) - FHB

* MUSGRAVE: A History of the Moses Musgrave Family, Quakers

   born in Belfast
   By Duane and Marie Wilson Musgrave (Evansville, Indiana, 1988) - FHB

* MYLOD: Mylod - A Genealogy

   Patrick Mylod b. Clonbrin, King's County, 1788 son of Andrew Mylod and Margaret Burns; mar. Mary McAvoy who was b. Rathangan, Co. Kildare; 11 children some of whom emigrated to Connecticut and New York
   By Robert L. Jones (Ridgefield, Connecticut, 1982) - FHB

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